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FENAFOR is the international fair for woodworking machinery & supplies, accessories and services for the forestry, wood and furniture industry. It was launched in 2006 and until 2014 it was a biennial event, with 05 international fairs held, enjoying the active participation of domestic and foreign exhibitors, and promoting new technologies and the latest trends, providing training and presenting innovative solutions.

Now, after a break of six years, we are relaunching FENAFOR in its sixth event, positioning it once again as the only specialized fair for the forestry, wood and furniture sector in Peru, with an influence at both a national and international level that will enable businesspeople to keep themselves updated and to establish contacts with new or potential suppliers within the sector.

In this way, the 6th FENAFOR will be the ideal space to bring together the main actors within the wood and furniture production chain, offering a favorable environment for doing good business.